The ONE Product That Cleared My Acne! Pt. 1

If you have problematic skin, you've probably tried it all. I know I have! (Or so I thought.) I developed severe acne my junior year of high school. It was the most random time and I honestly don't know why it decided to start then! It continued until I was going into my freshman year of college and I knew I needed to change something. I went on an antibiotic and it cleared my acne right up! But I also got really bad headaches and stomaches- it just made me feel gross. I went off it about a year later.

I then was off medication for about six months- this was nearly 4 years ago so I don't fully remember the specifics. I went on birth control my sophomore/junior year of college. Again, my acne went away- almost entirely! It was AMAZING! I honestly forgot what it was like to have acne, which is so weird. For years on end I would wake up every day and want to cry looking in the mirror. Fearing that all people would ever associate me with was the red, blotchy bumps all over my face. I think the worst part was the people that would ask me what I was doing about it. As if I had just accepted that my face would be like this and I must be some kind of gross person that washes their face once a week. (Okay definitely not true, but you get the point lol.)

I stopped birth control my senior year of college. As you have most likely gathered at this point, medication does not like me. I woke up one morning with the worst headache, I was shaking and sweating (I wasn't sick) and I knew the birth control had really taken its toll on me. I had always had these side effects- minimally. That morning was a whole other story. So there I was, back at square one. I decided to just see if mayyyybeee my acne wouldn't come back this time. And it didn't...for 6 months. July of 2017 my acne came back, and then it just kept appearing. I felt like I was 17 again lol.

I dealt with just living with acne for about 9-10 months after that. I am currently trying to change my diet-to be honest, I like junk food and I don't know how to cook- so this has been interesting. Apple cider vinegar and probiotics are apparently amazing! I haven't consistency had either to notice a difference. I think overall eating better is my main goal, for my skin and my health! While eating healthy is a major component to how your skin looks and feels, it’s not everything. I’m a strong believer in a rigid skincare routine. I wasn’t always like this, in fact I didn’t think that skincare would even do much for me! But it’s about sticking to certain products that you know work for your skin and giving them enough time to do their job. Just like sticking to eating healthier!

To find out what products I've been using the past 4 months, keep a look out for my next blog post! 

Thanks for reading!