Girl About Town

Originally published on March 18, 2016 

I have always found that some of my favorite outfits are simply jeans and a t-shirt. There are so many different ways to wear the pairing. You can easily dress it up or down, or take it from day to night. I chose to find a happy medium between dressy and casual, although let's be real it's still pretty casual! I'm also happy to say that I found a ton of my outfit pieces or ones similar that are on sale! You can click on the links with the words that are bolded and mentioned, and go directly to the pages that have the items. 

My top is from Zara, for some reason it's impossible to find online. But I did find one from Zara that is similar! There are others similar which you can find here and here. (They're ON SALE!) The second I saw this color I knew I had to have it! The pictures may not even do it justice. It is such a fun lime green, but not in an obnoxious way. With the warmer months in tow, this color looks particuarly amazing with a tan!  I paired it with the prettiest pale pink bralette from Aerie. (They're ON SALE!) Any v-neck goes perfectly with their bralettes.  

My jeans are from Abercrombie. Yes, I think I'm the only person on the planet that gets jeans there still, and likes them! haha American Eagle has some of my favorites as well.  

My shoes... the stars of the show, are from Call It Spring. (They're ON SALE!) They are the cutest sandals with white, tan and black- which makes them easy to wear with just about anything. I wanted to find a pair of sandals that have a chunky heel because that's essentially my favorite kind of shoe. 


Thanks for reading! See you next week!