Be Fearless 

Originally published on August 16, 2016 

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire." 

Lately, I have been thinking about my blog and what I want it to be centered on. I realized that although I absolutely love sharing my outfit ideas and style tips with you all, I want to share something more.

I've decided that with every blog post that I make, I am going to write about something that has to do with a quote or other concept that I feel should be addressed. My hope is that you will get something out of reading my blog besides what shoes you can wear this weekend! With writing, I feel it can be more difficult to convey what you are thinking, but perhaps easier to convey how you feel. 

I shot this look with my friend Courtney, she's currently making her own blog! Check out her Instagram: @CourtChristineBlog!! We were talking about blogging and the dreams that we have for it. There have been times when I felt like giving up and felt like there was no purpose in me sharing my thoughts on style/beauty/lifestyle online. What could I bring to the table that someone else hasn't already done? But of course, my love for it overpowered the fear that I had of it. If you're not at least a little afraid, you probably don't want it enough. So here I am, nearly 5 months later, amazed at how awesome this blogger world is. I have found my own spot among the thousands of girls doing the exact same thing as me. Yet, we all do it differently and in the way that fits us best. 

Wherever you are and wherever you want to be, always remember there is room for you. You just have to own it. So be fearless. Be a little crazy. Be very curious. You never know what doors with open when you hear words of doubt racing around in your mind, but you still choose to push past it. Being fearless in pursuit of what sets your soul on fire, will set you apart from all the rest.

My shirt is from a boutique called Jackie's in Chatham (Cape Cod). You can find the same one on one of my favorite online boutiques, Thirty One Boutique. I actually got a medium because they were out of smalls and I loved it so much! I think that the medium still fits just fine. You can tuck it in like I did in this photo or out like in the others. My jean shorts are from American Eagle, I love the cut of their shorts. Never too short :P


Thanks for reading! As my senior year of college creeps up on me, I promise I will try to post once a week!