Sweater Weather with a Pop of Color

Originally published on November 8, 2017 

It's that time of year again, I'm stoked for sweater weather! I saw a cardigan that Emily Gemma had a while back and I wanted it so badly. I had seen it before she posted it and it was sold out in my size, and then once she posted it- it was completely sold out! I saw this sweater at TJ Maxx and it instantly reminded me of her cardigan. I think mock neck sweaters and turtlenecks are the best for fall! They add something extra to any sweater and it really completes the look. I love the color block stripes on this sweater- orange and pink are so pretty together! I picked out my favorite mock neck sweaters for you guys below. I tried to find some color block options but there aren't many online. I think your best bet is to to go TJ Maxx and shop around! The hunt is always fun and each store is always so different. The TJ Maxx sweaters I linked aren't showing in the LikeToKnowIt wheel I have down below, they just look like handbags- they're not! haha Just a head up, they are sweaters. Similar jeans and shoes are also listed! So...who's ready for Reputation this Friday?! I'm headed to Disney World in a week and a half, can't wait to blog/vlog and be back in the most magical place on Earth!