Troop Beverly Hills

Originally published on  November 25, 2016 

When you find a mixture of cute and comfortable, it's kind of the best thing ever! haha I love getting sweatshirts/sweaters that are just as stylish as they are wearable. Ell and Emm makes amazing sweatshirts with all different graphics on them. My mom got me this sweatshirt from Jenn earlier this year and I can't wait to get more from her. She constantly makes new ones, so check back to her site whenever! The light pink color is one of my favorites and the cute Beverly Hills picture makes it more appealing. Side-note: Troop Beverly Hills is actually an 80's movie that I have yet to see! lol

My leggings are Lulu Lemon and my bag is from Defuria Beverly Hills. I thought it was appropriate to use Courtney's bag with the shirt I'm wearing! Check out Courtney's gorgeous line of bags, she's updating her website soon! *She did send me this bag- Just know that whenever I show something that has been sent to me, I will always let you know. -And I never show anything I don't love. Anyways, my boots are from Forever 21! I got them last year but they should have similar ones still. My chocker is from Forever 21 as well! 


Thanks for reading!