London Guide 2019: What I Wore, Ate and Did!

This is the ultimate guide to London if you’re going for the first time or visiting again! As a blogger, I definitely found some amazing places to take pictures! But even more important, great places to eat and explore! London is such an amazing city and I can’t wait to go back again someday. It has taught me just how small the world really is, but also how different anything outside of your city, state or country can be! I am so grateful that I got to experience this country. Check out all of my outfit details on my liketoknowit page!

There were parts of London that made me feel like I was back in the US, shopping at Quincy Market or scouring Soho on the weekend. It’s pretty wild how another continent still has bits of home. Of course there were factors that I had to adjust to…pounds, people driving on the opposite side of the road and their inability to make a proper hamburger. haha okay they probably do have places that make a good burger! However we went to a cute pub one night and the burger was far from anything I’ve ever tasted. Basically I would steer clear of their beef! I had fish and chips- they were AMAZING! We had gelato, carbonara pasta (my fave!) and so much more! I’m such a foodie, so getting to experience another culture was so exciting! We went to Greenwich one day and they have a cute market there. It’s right on the water and there’s a ton of food to choose from! We got strawberries and bananas with Nutella, and it was some of the best fruit I’ve ever had haha.

We stayed near Covent Garden at the Strand Palace Hotel, which is GORGEOUS! We had such a great stay. It was right on a main road but not noisy at all. I loved being so close to so much! I highly recommend staying in the Covent Garden area if you’re heading to London. They have the cutest shopping and restaurants all within walking distance of each other. It’s also near Trafalgar Square and 7 Dials which is cool! We saw Kensington Palace which is a must in my book because I love anything to do with the Royals! (especially Princess Diana) We had tea at the Number Sixteen Hotel. The tea was so good and they had a great assortment of food too! We saw Notting Hill, the Natural History Museum and Harrods. I can’t wait to visit London again and explore new areas that we didn’t get to see. But we saw so much in a few days. I hope you liked this travel guide and found it helpful!

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Thanks for reading!!