Acorn Street

I spent the weekend in Boston a few weeks ago and we got some amazing shots! Acorn Street is a blogger’s dream- or anyone that wants a good photo lol. It was FREEZING but we had a great time exploring and grabbing coffee of course! I finally tried oat milk, for those of you that don’t know- milk is definitely not my best friend. I can have it in small amounts, but have been trying to get away from it for the most part. Oat milk is so good! I personally love oatmeal so I think that’s why I enjoyed the taste. What’s your go-to “milk?”

I scored this sweater from H&M! I don’t shop there often as they’re a huge fast fashion company- along with Forever 21. Both contribute exponentially to the amount of waste and pollution that the fashion industry produces each year. For 2019, please do yourself a favor and watch “The True Cost” on Netflix!! It changed how I shop and I hope it does the same for you. Anyway- back on the actual topic haha. This sweater is so Free People-esque! It’s super comfy too. The thing is, with fast fashion, you can find GOOD pieces that will last and not break the bank. The problem is most people buy and buy and buy. It’s on sale? Then you have to get it. Its kind of cute, and less than $20? Need it. Instead of constantly consuming, take a step back and decide if you reallllly need those pair of pants or if you’re just excited for a deal. Shop smarter and less often. Think Marie Kondo for your wallet! lf it sparks joy and you know you’ll wear it at least once a week/month-depending on the item- then go for it!

I paired this sweater with my favorite jeans from Just Black. They have some of the most comfortable denim ever! My booties are Dolce Vita. My necklaces are also from Forever 21. For all outfit details click here and then click the picture from this blog post!

Thanks for reading!