Late Summer Lace Maxi Dress

I recently went on vacation and decided to rent a few things from Rent The Runway! I love this website and I think it's especially amazing for bloggers, trips or special occasions. There's different packages and you can choose which fits best! I am obsessed with this lace periwinkle maxi dress from The Jetset Diaries. I pretty much love anything lace/crochet and this was no exception. I love that you have the ability to try styles and trends without having to commit to buying something, and if you love it- you can buy it! I'm not being paid or anything to say this, it's just a fun way I've learned to try new styles.

Shop my favorite lace dresses and my Marc Fisher Adalyn Wedges here! (my shoes are on sale!)


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Purple Gingham

I don't know about you, but I'm pumped that it's finally warmer out! I actually shot this about a month ago...and it was freezing that day! But we got it done and I love the lighting so much. I've recently started using Rent the Runway- which I think every blogger should try out. I've mentioned before how I'm into sustainability. While I'm definitely not the epitome of someone who lives a super sustainable lifestyle, I try to do little things to be better. The pieces I do buy, I make sure I will love for years to come. When you shop, do you get something because it's on sale, or it's cute for now? Or do you get it because you really love it and can see yourself wearing it two years down the road? Believe me, you save money and a potentially messy room (lol) by choosing better. If you haven't see the documentary "The True Cost,", please do yourself a favor and watch it. It changed my life and I hope it inspires you to even make small changes in yours. Well that was an unintentional rant...

Rent the Runway is sustainable and still so cute! They have countless amazing designers and styles. I paid for two shirts this go around and will probably do their 4 piece option soon. This top is from the brand Petersyn- which has become a favorite of mine! While it's not affordable, I got to rent it for $25 (they have deals all the time!). I also linked similar options here:

I paired this top with these fun Just Black jeans, they're so comfortable! I also got these platform espadrilles from Marshall's a few years back and they're actually really comfortable too! The bag is my friend's, and completely adds to the beachy vibes. 


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