Jumpsuit Days

The most comfortable pieces in my closet are jumpsuits. They are so easy to throw on and so comfortable. You don't have to worry about them being too tight, like jeans or flying up, like a dress. It's kind of the best of both worlds! I recently grabbed this jumpsuit from TJ Maxx. I love that it's a forest green color with mustard flowers because it really helps transition my style into the fall! I have some fun trips planned and fall fashion is my favorite!!

Another item that I always consider a staple in my closet are white sneakers. It doesn't matter if it's April or October, I'm wearing white sneakers! haha. In all honestly, they're incredibly comfy (can I use another word?! Cozy?) and chic. I'm sure you've noticed a plethora of other bloggers wearing white sneakers, and they just make sense to me! I've been an Adidas fan for years, but mine are worn to the ground and I was searching for a new pair. The newer Adidas all have memory foam in them, which is great, except the entire structure of the sneaker changed. They don't have as much give as they had before.

For most people this isn't a problem, but I have bunions. You may have realized I don't show my feet a lot in my posts. My feet are my least favorite thing, lol, but really. Huge thanks to myself for constantly walking on my tiptoes as a child (and still do a little now, oops) and dancing for 18 years. Anyway... I LOVE the sneaker trend because it's comfy, cute and everyone can wear them! I recently got the Puma ones I'm wearing in this shoot. They have a little platform which I also think is so unique! It's nothing huge, as much as I like to make a statement, these can be worn every day. My bag is from All Saints, I got it for a steal at Nordstrom Rack! Here's a link to the shoes, similar jumpsuits and bags! 


Thanks for reading!